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In The Undertaker’s Wife, there’s a chapter in which a woman – the “prophet in red stilettos” – shows up to attend a funeral and asks Dee Oliver (a.k.a. the undertaker’s wife who, by this time in the story, is the undertaker’s widow) if she is married. When she learns that Dee’s husband has passed, the woman doesn’t miss a beat. “You are going to get married again,” she proclaims. “The Lord has a husband for you. But you don’t need to go looking for him; he will find you.”

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John D.

"Just got this book and it is great! It immediately puts you at ease with a subject most would prefer to avoid. Dee, as the widow of a funeral director, and now a funeral director herself takes you through all of the various details that you will face at one time or another - and how you can ease the grieving process for your loved ones left to plan your funeral - and let them know how you would want your final arrangements to be handled. She accomplishes this in a very common sense manner with a healthy dose of humor to lighten an otherwise difficult process."


The Undertaker’s Wife

Part memoir, part how-to book, The Undertaker’s Wife offers insights on grief, survival, and the ever-present faithfulness of God. Sometimes poignant, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, Dee’s story helps readers prepare for one of life’s only certainties–and do it with wisdom, grace, and a healthy dose of joy.